Inconsistency in time per turn

Inconsistency in time per turn


@C1Ryan Any update on this? I’m still seeing slowdown and turn zero crashes, and there’s only two days left before the deadline. Accurate feedback is critical as people calibrate their final submissions, and so many of the top algos have performance that varies with server speed.


Turn-zero crashes still happening as of 5pm EST 08-31.

@C1Ryan, @C1Junaid, somebody, we are down to about 30 hours until the deadline, is there any notice on the state of this issue and whether the leaderboard matches now while we develop will accurately reflect conditions during the competition?


11 hours left. Two turn-zero crashes happening back-to-back:

These are not necessarily proof that the match behavior in non-crash matches will be different, but these crashes seem to have been correlated with changes in server performance previously.

I’m really not sure what to do at this point. Every design change I’ve made in the last two days has had it’s effectiveness change the next day, when the server is in a different mood.

P.S. match rates seem slow? It might just be my biased/panicked perception, but I feel like when there’s 7 hours left and I wait 90 minutes I should have played more than 14 matches.

Edit 2: Five hours to go and I’m still getting the occasional loss from turn-zero crashes:
I presume the devs are out for the weekend, and hopefully they’ll be back tomorrow. If there are still turn-zero crashes after the submission cutoff, I think the cutoff should be extended.


I’m getting alot of timeout damage aswell, eventhough I really shouldn’t.
I have seen some other people take some aswell.


I am now seeing several matches that have been played after the cutoff, with significantly different time characteristics from yesterday evening while development was still active. Differences a large as 13 or more timeout damage where it used to be 2 or less, changing the outcome of the match. This is troubling as I feel like my preparations were meaningless. Even more troubling, I have found a turn-zero crash in one of my match histories, timestamped as 9-2 after the cutoff:
This crash has now robbed one of arnby’s oracles of however many points that loss was worth, at a time when we can no longer do anything about it. Some of the leaderboard positions are quite close now, potentially less than one or two losses apart.
I am curious if anyone else is able to uncover turn-zero crashes in their match history that are marked as having occurred after the cutoff.


Since the cut-off, I took 4 turn-0 crashes… :pensive:

As for the computing time issue, I don’t know what to say… If this played a role in my sudden fall, I will feel quite depressed… It can’t be only that because everyone improved their algos until the very end, but I don’t know what to think
It leaves a very bitter taste to the end of this season


I have had some aswell…


Hey everyone, I was on vacation last week. I’ll be looking into all the forum posts today and handling them.


turn 0 crash ocurence: (season 4, double crash) (season 4) (season 4)


same here: (season 3 though)


I put some figures in this topic about this

Edit: That is some good start